160mm Torrent Pump


Torrent 160mm 75mm Hub pump.  As picured

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Once you are ready for the performance of our 160/75 hub 14-20 vane series pump you will know.  Quad cooling for that monster motor you already have and details that are second to none abound on our computer aided designed, rapid prototype models.  Vane thicknesses, stator blade angles, loft, leading and trailing edge gains, along with the precision machining to tolerances as great as one millionth of one inch (.00001).  Custom poured alloys are available, customized impeller fitment, alloy hardening, corrosion protection, powder coating, painting, O-ring style pump seals for custom pump shoes are all customization’s available with the 160 Torrents.  A multitude of checks, and quality controls follow each of these series of pumps through our entire process.

Constant slipping and performance losses of your over propped 155 will have you wanting the Velcro grip attained from the Torrent 160 series of pumps.  Custom made one at a time and tailored to your particular application, the 160 series is the apex of performance.  Currently available for order only and in 159mm to 162mm sizes.

2017 World Finals Pro and Thailand World Cup Pro winner Mark Gomez pointing out that he was on a two time world finish.  Congratulations Mark on unprecedented back to back wins in Surf and Flat water.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in


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