150mm Torrent Super Stock SS Pump

The latest from Torrent is the Super Stock or SS pump. Compatable with stock Yamaha Superjet Hulls and parts. Driect bolt in replacement using your existing reduction and steering nozzle. The Torrent 150 SS is available assembled for direct bolt in replacement allowing the largest pump in the world to fit your stock parts. Also available as a pump only.

In the past there were 140mm pumps, 144mm mags, then we pioneered the 148mm Torrent for surf and flat. Now we have upped the game again by making all other pumps obsolete. The Torrent 150SS. No set back or non-set back. The set back is hands down the best on the market, so we only offer a set back. No silly price differences for the same amount of work. We make the higher performing set back and make it for the same price.

Offering only the best “TORRENT, The Deluge Continues” Accepting orders now for the 150SS get your now!

Pictured below is Rider Daniel Martin. Showing with a Torrent can do, out of the box performance second to none.