Torrent Riders are the heart and soul of this business.  We are here for, and because of each and every one of them.  They have helped us with our Research and Development, product testing, and some have been along for the ride since our inception in 2012.  There are under ground riders as well not posted her for confidentiality reasons.  We do not consider our riders customers, they are true friends as passionate about performance as we are.

This page is dedicated to each and every rider that loves what our Torrent pumps are doing for this great sport of ours.

Take it to the next level and send in a photo of you and your ride using a Torrent pump.  We will post those up as well.

Evan Krefski Torrent 155 PRO 2018 World Finals 1st, 2017 World Finals 4 place

Brandon Lawlor on his Torrent Pro 160.  2018 Surf Slam third Place finish.

David Oski Torrent PRO 155 at the 2017 World Finals

Frosty Airing out his Torrent 148
Ryan Doberstein 155 Torrent PRO                2017 and 2018 Pro Watercross Freestyle Amateur Champion,  USA Freestyle Tour Amateur 2nd , 2017 World Finals 3rd in Amateur,  2018 World Finals Pro class
Brian Sizemore Torrent R&D pumps USA 2017 Freestyle tour PRO 2nd

Kaylee Stukas airing our her 148mm Torrent, now 155 Torrent owner and doing combos since switching to the 155 series.

Joel Barry testing out a Torrent 155 for his first time. 2018 Surf Slam first place.

Chase Mueller Amateur competitor at the 2019 World Finals on a Torrent 155 PRO series.