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Torrent Pumps are available in stock sizes  148mm and  155mm.  Custom orders are available in sizes 148 mm to 150mm for Stock Superjet type applications.  155mm, 157mm, 159mm, 160mm and 162mm are currently available for riders that demand the performance only a Torrent can provide.  Torrent PROs are currently Available in Any Size.

Our foundation is the 148mm Yamaha based Superjet/Waveblaster style easy bolt in replacement for the 144mm pump.  This 148mm large hub pump increases throughput of water and increases bottom end hit right through top end pull for maximum amplitude.   This pump was designed specifically for freeride and freestyle but has excelled at racing in Waveblasters.  Our superior vane construction, tolerances, along with solid one piece stainless steel construction make this pump the one to match in the industry.  Multiple wins from surf and flat water competitions world wide have proven our latest technology.   This pump was made for salt water as well as fresh water use.  We are a company founded by riders for riders.

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