150 mm Torrent Super Stock pump


150mm Torrent Super Stock Stator assembly Only.

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150mm Torrent Super Stock pump

The latest addition to the Torrent line is the 150mm Torrent SS.  This pump is the largest on the market today that bolts into your standard 144/148mm pump location and uses the stock reduction and steering nozzle that came  stock with your Superjet style hull.

Made like the  entire Torrent  pump line, full SS construction, but a larger 150mm for added throughput.  Additional performance is gained from the extra water processed with this additional volume.  This pump now allows traditional pump tunneled hulls to take advantage of the latest 150mm technology available today.  Adding more low end thrust, and more water volume to get the additional height of the 150 series pumps.  This pump takes your ski to that next level in performance that has been unobtainable in the past.  Hang on tight, “The Deluge Continues”

It is highly recomended to bore your existing reduction and steering nozzles to allow the axtra water to be processed faster.  We can offer this service and or offer a new set up.

Stator only, can be ordered assembled with 148/150 Setback shaft, Bearing and Seal kit, and Assembly for the ultimate super stock package.  Please contact us directly for impeller selection for your specific application.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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