155 Torrent Set-Back Drive Shaft


155 Torrent Billet HD Set-Back Drive Shaft, for 96-07 style SuperJet hulls.  Custom balanced and trued for the ultimate in performance

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Torrent Drive shafts are the industry standard.  Ran by all who demand the strongest, lightest shaft made today.  Our driveshafts have set us apart from the competition.

Our Billet one piece drive shafts are made from a marine custom alloy used in offshore applications.  With 25 years offshore experience we knew where to start the first time.  We are over 30 times straighter than other shafts, allowing more HP to make it the the pump and not chewed up with heat and wear.  Welded, or friction welded shafts cause multiple issues with straightness, and failure spots where the Torrent billet shaft shines.

We started with OEM specifications and went half of there tolerances to assure the highest quality shaft on the market today.  Aerospace technology to the .0001 of and inch, and checked every time.  Shaft run out and concentricity is second to none in the industry.

Just looking at our driveshafts will tell you were different.  Truly a work of art and modern technology melded together.  Try one today as it will be the only drive shaft you will ever want to run again.


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