Ninja PRO 160 Complete Assembled


Torrent Ninja 160mm diameter, assembled with Ninja Bearings and Seals and Billet HD Torrent Shaft.

Billet HD Ninja Lightweight Shaft available for additional fees.

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Torrent Ninja is a total movement away from traditional pump design.  In working with Hiroyuki Ogino “Hiro” for a year and a half we co-developed a new pump that adds low end hit, while retaining more water.  This change from traditional pumps adds more top end as the pump remains charged longer after it leaves the waters surface.

Multiple changes have been made to the overall pump design.  Vane leading and trailing angles have been completely changed with the Ninja Pumps.  The lightweight Delrin tail cones have been completely revised for optimal water flow in the venturi portion of the pump.

The combined low end, as well as top end thrust gain has propelled our test skis for to a level unattainable by other pumps.  Higher pump internal pressures with longer water retention provide more acceleration and greater height.


Riders like, Mark Gomez, Chris Anyzeski,  and Niels Willems have excelled from using the latest technology Torrent and Hiro have created this past season. Now this superior technology is being released. 

Lighter than the competition.  The full stainless steel Ninja pump is the same weight as other “lightweight” two piece billet pumps.  New construction techniques along with superior vane construction have allowed the Torrent Ninja PRO to be 25% lighter than the two piece lightweight versions offered by other manufacturers.  Couple that with Torrents latest available offering of Titanium hardware, aluminum cooling fittings, specialty bearings, and you have the lightest set up available today.

The Torrent Ninja Bearings are totally redesigned for longevity and weight reduction.  Our newest bearing is rated for 13,000 RPM unlike the 8,000 RPM of our competitors.  This higher RPM allows for a greater safety factor in our products.  Longer bearing life means more time on the water riding, not wrenching.

Contact us for more details as this latest offering is available in 159mm and 160mm configurations with full SS or PRO lightweight option.   Productions are limited, so please contact us now.


Below is the  Torrent Ninja PRO

Torrent the deluge continues.


What riders are saying about the new Ninja pump:

Mark Gomez 2018 Kings Cup 1st place and 2018 IJSBA World Finals 4th Pro finisher had the following to say:

“The Torrent PRO Ninja edition pump has paid its dues in rider testing with the guidance of Hiro Ogino (Ninja) combined with the CNC surgical precision in manufacturing quality by Torrent. This pump is price point to win by weight, quality and results. The best linear performance I have ever felt out of a pump that keeps delivering on multiple combinations and great power delivery on set up wake jumps. The entire Torrent package with bearings driveshaft and pump assembled exceeds OEM standards and reliability. Freestyle jetskis are an investment in high performance parts. The pump is the most important component in power delivery, make the right investment with the best quality and value pump assembly.”


Chris Anyzeski 2018 Pro Watercross Naples 1st place finisher and 2018 IJSBA World Finals 2nd PRO place winner stated the following:

“Torrent and Ninja set out to create a freestyle pump and have truly over delivered. I did not realize how much of a difference this would make over a traditional aftermarket pump which have all been designed for racing. Installing this new Ninja Freestyle pump made my Rickter feel like it went from 2wd to 4wd.  If there’s water under the ski you’re going to be hooked up no matter how soon or late you get on the throttle.  Cat on carpet type gains to be had; you will not be disappointed.”


Ryan Doberstein 2018 Pro Watercross National Champion had the following to say:

“It’s like having permanent 4 wheel drive and constantly having traction. You can land at any angle and it hooks up EVERY TIME, taking away the worry of not successfully completing a combo while you’re mid-routine. This Torrent Ninja pump really ups the dependability factor big time. I absolutely love it!”


Justin Sylvain 2018 USA Freestyle PRO 1st place and  2018 IJSBA World Finals PRO 6th place:

“I was very impressed with the performance of the new Ninja pump in Gomez’s ski. It hooked fast and hard and continued to perform at its max throughout combos without spinning or losing thrust. Whether I did a single off idle flip or five 540’s it recovered very well and showed no signs of cavitation.”

Brian Sizemore Rider/Tuner/Co-Developer of Ninja Pump:

“I am the biggest cynic I know when it comes to new products.  This pump has changed the game for all motor packages, from DASA/Billet, DASA/Cast to the BUN V3 set ups.  We have been testing on all motor packages, and the pump we specifically designed for one motor package has over delivered on all.”

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 10 × 10 in


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