Torrent Impeller

Torrent Impellers, custom made to work with your application

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Torrent Impellers, custom made to work with your application.  We take your personal information and use our vast history of sizing impellers specifically for Freeride and Freestyle, along with feedback from professional riders, and amateur riders to offer the utmost in performance for today’s’ latest motors and hull packages.   We ride surf and flat water, therefore we know the best impeller for your riding style.  Designed to work with your Torrent pump, improving hit and top end pull.  Machined to greater tolerances, balanced, pitch matched to your precise needs as a rider.  With todays changes to pumps, hulls, intake grate, motors, ignitions, carburetors, and components we make our impellers work to suit your riding style and skill set.

TORRENT Impellers “The Deluge Continues”


Prices start as 435.95 for 148 and 150mm Torrent impellers.

Prices start as 455.95 for 155mm Torrent impellers.

Prices start as 505.95 for 160mm Torrent impellers.

Cut back option is 65.00

Long blade is 160.00

Thin blade is 95.00

Super Light is 160.00

Please contact us for more information and we will build a database with your information allowing us to select the best fit impeller to your set up.  We log this into our vast history of sizing world winning impellers and compute your optimal Freeride/Freestyle pitch.

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Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
Pump Diameter

144 "I" 148 "I" 150 "I" 155 "I" 156 "I" 159 "I" 160 "I" 162

Cut Back

-3mm "I" -4mm "I' -5mm

Custom Attributes

Long Blade "I" Thin Blade "I" Light Weight