155mm Torrent Pump


The Torrent 155mm 14 vane 75mm hub is the apex of current flat water freeride freestyle pump used by the worlds utmost competitors today.  Painstakingly designed, tested, and world class rider approved.  We are able to offer the worlds finest jet pump.

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The 155mm Torrent Pump is the apex of modern axial type jet pumps.  Our 155 Torrent was 4 years in the design and testing phase with some of the best builder/tuners in the industry piloting trials.  Amateur level riders, then Pros have assured the highest quality and longest lasting pumps available to date.   Put to the paces from 701cc stockers, through 1200cc monster motors. This pump was designed to propel the rider to the next level in performance and reliability.

Every detail of this pump was thought out from dual, triple or quad cooling, to the location of the cooling fittings for all the different hulls on the market today.  Stock dowel pin locators are drilled into every pump for the mounting feet and reduction cones along with stock seal sizes.

Thin stator blades, each cast identical to the next, not welded in, so that you are assured you have the exact blade placement the best riders in the word today have.  No fear of poor welds failing when they are cast in and heat treated.

Our 68 piece billet mold assures that every facet of construction remains constant from pump to pump.  Other manufacturers rely on their machinist to hope for alignment and proper positioning from batch to batch and differing operators.  No galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals, nor cracked stators or swelling wear rings with this design.  We looked at all the issues common with the competition before starting our design process.

Each stator section comes complete with an integrated wear ring and Delrin tail cone.  Stronger stainless designs with higher strength coefficients allow Torrents weight to be lower than our competitions two piece designs. No long bolts, heavy flanges or additional parts and seals required.  This assures a pump seal with absolutely no chance for cavitation or misalignment, while still offering the robust one piece design competitors demand.

32 quality checks are done on each y pump to assure that every pump matches our OEM specifications.

Stainless Steel construction, heat treated for strength, and corrosion protected for longevity in the harshest conditions.  This pump is built to last.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in


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